About Us

Carolyn Richards
I am the owner of the craft peddler, and have been married for 42 years to Steve, who is the Manager of S & T Telephone.  We have three children: Shawn and Marti (plus two granddaughters Taylor and Reilly, and grandson Landon); Scott and Jill (plus granddaughter Carsen); Trisha and Justin (plus grandson Barrett and grandaughter Codie).

We moved from Syracuse, Ks. to Brewster in May of 1984, and I opened the craft peddler Dec. 1 of that same year.  It was across the street from our current location, and in 1991 we built the building we are now in.  My, what I’ve learned through the years…and how the crafts have changed!  But it’s been a “fun ride”!

We now sell on ebay, Etsy, and have this website.  A billboard on each side of Brewster attracts customers off of I-70.  We have an awesome scrapbooking area…an awesome cake-decorating area…and a whole wall of beads for jewelry-making, plus many other craft items.  If you ever get the chance to stop by to see us in Brewster, we would love it!



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